I Know A Girl – Poem By Akuvi Aguedze 


I know a girl who from an unriped age of nothing
Was told to stay clear off an animal on two legs;
A man: the very kind who had fathered her
She was taught the survival skills she needed to use if she ever had to fight him;
“Shout for help”,
“Reach for the two riped fruits hanging from
The tree of his manhood,
Squeeze it,
And make a punch out of it.

I know a girl
I know a girl who was given a long list of to-do-things
To keep her safe but never to keep her sane
Because she was constantly on the edge
Afraid and always on the look out
She hardly had time to be herself: to be free
Cover up they said
Don’t show your thighs
It will make him high
Close your legs when you sit
You don’t want to send wrong signals

I know a girl
I know a girl who broke her own virginity
Not because she wanted to
But because she was so scared
Someone else will take it by force

I know a girl who was tired of practicing survival skills
That had killed her a dozen times already
Tired of repeating a to do list
That did nothing to keep her safe
But only to steal her sanity

I know a girl
I know a girl who screamed
Covered up
Closed her legs
Did everything she’d been asked to do
To keep her safe…
I know a girl
Whose mouth got covered
Whose panties got torn
Whose diapers came off

I know a girl
I know a girl who did reach for the two ripe fruits from the tree of his manhood
It got squeezed but not with her hands
And now the punch made remains inside her
I know a girl
I know a girl who’s fears lead me
To many boys who weren’t taught to leave a girl alone
No matter what she did




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