I was in my mornings
When dad took me to the zoo
Variegated leaves and the zebras
I fell in love with

Sooner than eclipse of the sun
The Rainbow taught me the ant life
Then I sold my conscience on a passing wind
Speaking my mother’s language
Like toddler of twenty months old
I spoke in tongues where I knew not tongues
I crawled on Sandy, loamy and the clay
I gritted on pebbles, faeces and waist
For I know not color
For the tenant hands
Though white and grey,
Suckled me when the stream printed mama’s steps
For I soiled their golden beds when fell for natural beauty

When my fellow men and women
Are made the refuse dumps
Tell them I have blood
And I get blocked blood pressure when they are away
For even my village mole also have blood
Like the white egrets that also have blood
I am a racist in Ghana
My home is anywhere with life
And my family are the living

Β©Fuseini Dipantiche Mohammed Naporoo Kamaldeen Shitobu (Creative thinker)

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