I Am A Woman Not A Slave!


I am a Woman,
The second to my man.
The secret to his wealth,
The key to his heart.

I am not a slave!
Am the owner of my man.
Am not an intruder,
I should be respected.
I am a Woman,
To be loved and cherished,
To be supported and trusted.
My dignity should be upheld.
I’m not a slave,
I shouldn’t be tortured,
I shouldn’t be threatened,
I shouldn’t be caged!
I cry in pain and agony,
My heart bleeds.
Eledami where are you?
Ori mi are you asleep?.
Have become voiceless,
My robe has been stripped off me.
My disgrace is the sun.
My pride buried!
I succumb because I’m weak,
My strength has defiled me!
But do remember,
I am Emmanuel.

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