How Sister Died! – Poem By Bill Ivans Gbafore


Sister died
When father spat in her face with profanity in public;
When mama splashed foamy waters on her masculine
Classmates who came visiting;
And each moment our wealthy
Uncle squeeze her boobs with a sinister smile…sister died just once again.

Sister died
When papa alienated schooling from her, but me alone;
When mama assigned time consuming jobs to her at home;
When she was denied of voicing in public…sister died, yet still breathing.

Sister died
When she was been forced in the Sande and her clit disappeared!
When she became clothed forever with scars of razor chops;
When the devil swallowed her and brought her back in three days time – she saw death!

Sister died
Every night those bitter memories hug her so dearly;
Or when the thoughts of marrying at thirteen came creeping at midday.

She has died so many times already,
That I’ve even lost count.
Her body just move around smiling,
But deep behind those smiles
Is a girl who has been murdered
By the society…!

Bill Ivans


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