Hopes and fears – Umbrella Of Sorrow

Poem: Poet Umar – Umbrella Of Sorrow

This place has lost its meaning the engraved path has no fate in it.

Come let us eat the remaining peace
I’ve hidden inside my melancholy’s hollowed.

Under this umbrella of sorrow
Come let my sordid doubts feed you
Let me show you
How I’ve veiled my hopes and fears
In my mouth like a tongue
The day the heart within me numbed
For lost than gain
Which in all i do not partake in
Oh! this place has no fate in its meaning.

I looked right and looked left
My eyes clouded with sorrows
The more i aged
There is no way out of this prison.
I became more loner in the crowd
Then when alone.
Everywhere are people, but i dwelled alone
And this hideous creature
The mirror says it’s me

That’s why the concrete structure
Of my hopes and fears
Are more secure in my mouth than my heart

Everywhere is a fine fine landscape
Green by grieves
No everlasting peace nor love around.
The TV and newspapers are busy
Beautifying the lifestyle of the nobles
Raising my pains and grieves level like hills
While my hope falls like a feather.
This place has lost its meaning
As fate keeps on favouring the favoured
I have no shelter than my umbrella of sorrows.

Umar Yogiza Jr.

Hopes and fears – Umbrella Of Sorrow
Umbrella Of Sorrow

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