Have You Heard? – Poem By Sanusi Emmanuel


Wait, have you heard?
About that woman
Residing somewhere in Africa,
Living with the spirit of Motherhood.

I do not know if you’ve heard, about her
That woman of faith,
Who dived regularly recklessly
Into the river of love. You’ve heard?

You’ve heard about
That woman that fought pain and agony,
To bring forth the unborn
To the world of the living?

I do not know if you’ve heard, about
That selfless woman of unending smiles,
With a beaming hope of the future,
The future of her fruits.

For me, I found her,
Although not quite long ago,
Residing somewhere in Africa,
The mother to a friend.

I am Emmanuel

Have You Heard
Have You Heard – Poem By Sanusi Emmanuel

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