Poem: Bill Ivans – Grey Matter


Grey Matter – Poem By Bill Ivans

These bodies are all cities
bounded by territories of pride
And deception,
Shielding insecurities from the rest of the world –
Internally corrupt with broken fabric and slack cells,
Yet highly labeled on the global stage of life for fame;
Betraying the citizens within.

These bodies are just stewards of consignments,
Serving as home to souls and keeper of lives.
They are but buffer zones between life and death;
Sometimes dying, sometimes living,
And other times forming a confluence with both.

These fleshly bodies are just bodies – frail, fragile and full of flaws.
Bearing scars and bruises, growing wrinkled and tattered.
Fading slowly, losing value and beauty.

White or Black, these bodies are just bodies – nobody is evergreen.

Bill Ivans

Grey Matter - Poem By  Bill Ivans
Grey Matter – Poem By Bill Ivans

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