Great Zimbabwe


Gaze upon the exquisiteness of the majestic Great Zimbabwe
Standing rigid on the murky velvet soils of Zimbabwe
A scintillating image of the history of our cherished country
which enlightens the minds of contemporary generations
and reflects on the livelihood of our audacious ancestors.

Shall I question myself anymore?
On how I am so fearless, authentic and phoenix-like?
When the monuments stood for ages, but their existence is with no limits
When they hum the stellar tunes of my origins
Which stream in harmony with the characteristics of I the Zimbabwean child
And bestow a sense of belonging which cannot be logically discerned

Gaze upon the natural beauty of the monuments
Bound by the essence of unison in its people
What else would invoke the undefiled pride of our country?
The spirited love for this stunning mother land
Which motions robust patriotism and negritude

Shall I quench the thirst of hunger again?
When the marvelous monuments entice all tourists into my home
Who shall not chant the hymns of adoration to Zimbabwe
For our Great Zimbabwe monument is a real visionary story
And its presence says it all

Khulekani Ndlovu


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