From the trenches: To My Love Back Home – Poem By Bill Ivans


The battlefield feels like home –
Every time I burrow myself in the trenches,
Holding your photo close to my eyes.

The bullets flying over head reminds me of raindrops.
Raindrops that had us running for cuddles under the bed sheets at night.

The war is raging and there’s no end in sight;
Men are falling everyday as casualties and corpses are multiplying exponentially.

I promised I’ll come back,
But please pardon me if I die.
Say sorry to our unborn child I didn’t live to see –
The embryonic one in your womb.

Even in the midst of rockets I’m distracted with the scenes of love we’ve had,
They keep running through my mind uncontrollably – pray their distractions don’t take me to my early grave.

The captain showed me the telegram
You left two days ago when I was away,
And each spoken word from your soothing voice seeped in my heart –
Pulling consonant chords of affection .

Now it’s no turning back,
I’m in a battle for your love.
The mice are my buddies – we share my meal with me daily,
I either fight to live, or I perish to the tides.

My body turns pale as if I’m the gone one
Every time I hear the sirens.
In this battle every soldier is living a half-life .

The final line is drawn, and at
3:00am I’ll lead the last battalion
Into the jaws of death and arms of hell…

If I live to see another day so be it,
But if the dice is cast against us…
You’ll receive my ashes to bury,

Maybe this is just my final goodbye.

From Your Lover


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