I’ve been robbed of the adjectives in my head,
The CARELESS  use of words by a number 1 Statesman
Left my jaw hanging, “L-A-Z-Y?”

A lazy man is he who has all the resources
But never indulges his faculty to yield a reasonable income.
Lazy is he who doesn’t value hardwork-
When a student bags 5.0 he raises his head like he sees him not!

We both know who you are:
Your country denied you a good job
But you refused to take to sleeping.
Even if you ply the night-worker’s route,
The truth is you are not lazy.

Let’s raise the flags high for the graduates turned ‘agbero‘;
For the millet grinders that won’t stop at nothing;
For the student entrepreneurs slogging out their guts;
For the academic gurus burning midnight candles;
Even at the face of a gloomy economy they’ve all refused to sleep.

We know who we are,
We won’t let a man who has no idea of our struggles
Define ‘laziness’ for us.
Cheers youth! A toast to our hardwork paying off already.



AGBERO –  yourba slang for a bus conductor

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  1. tomiwa adediran says

    I struggled to see myself through school yet no job….
    I leave home latest 6.a.m and come back 7pm without complaint…..
    All just to earn a meagre wage while someone somewhere is using his pen to rob me. Still I didn't Organize a riot.
    Then someone who is supposed to understand my plight is now calling me LAZY..
    Probably I've been lazy enough to keep quiet while I die in silence.
    No problem, time Will surely tell

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