In the words of Poet Kwaku Kyereh, this century is ours and we might not witness any other one. Hence, time necessitates us to bring up new innovations that can subdue previous intents and open grounds for healthy competitions. Perhaps, it’s in this light that Debo Abayomee decided to evoke poetry as an advocacy tool and in a deviant form.

Fighting the plagiarists or the pirates has been a timeless combat, even with the primary knowledge that poachers cannot totally be eradicated. Perhaps, Debo is one of then writers who has tasted the agonizing throes of plagiarism or creaTHIEVity. With an instructive belief system, he brings forth THE PLAGIARIST. This in all ramification is an emblem of loyalty and support to the advocacy body; War Against Plagiarism (WAP).

What spellbinds me is the ability of Debo to stretch further on the rape sagacity not only with the provisions of “Broken” and “Magun” but the rarity of capabilities to see a woman as a legal, sole and possessive entity whose copyright is infringed on by the rapist, who in a mystic sense can be said to be a plagiarist. Can’t we then say THE PLAGIARIST is a voice in duality?

Thousand words do not fill a basket. The essence of art is in being duly appreciated, not only to freely download the soft copy of THE PLAGIARIST via available links but to purchase the framed format for a token of not less than five thousand naira? This is an embellishment of what we stand for and a gusto of support to the craft of poetry as a whole. Together, we can push plagiarism and rape into deafening silence.

Download Debo’s The Plagiarist via:

Yusuf Balogun Gemini,
Convener, War Against Plagiarism.


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