Be strong;
The war that life wages on us
Is not one fought with frailty,
But one that requires our strength.
It requires every drop of our sweat…
So dear someone, be Akin.

Be courageous;
This war is scary, fearful, dreadful…
But you must take courage by the horn
Else you’ll be defeated…
So dear someone, be Akin

Be Brave;
Bravery is not the absence of fear,
But the ability to face fear head on.
Life is hard
And can only be lived by the brave,
So dear someone, be Akin.

At the end of the war
Throw your hands into the air
Gladly not because you surrender,
But because victory is now your bride ready to dwell with you.
Be strong, be courageous & be brave.
Dear someone be Akin.

Akuvie Aguedze

AKIN – Yoruba name for a strong & courageous man.

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