Dear God – Poem By Akuvi Aguedze


So I took my knees to the floor;
Held my palms together;
Interlocking my fingers;
Bowed my head low –
Resting it on my folded hands;
And then closed my eyes,
For that was how they taught us to pray.

I wasn’t exactly about to pray
Because I wasn’t going to follow the pattern of the Lord’s prayer,
But I was about to pray –
About to talk to God in my own way.

Dear God,
I miss You.
I hate that I can’t hear your voice
Neither do I feel your touch,
You seem to have gone far away from me
Did I do something wrong?

Dear God,
Forgive me.
Though I have searched my heart
And found no guilt.
My conscience spells out no wrong doing,
I ask that you search me
And forgive me if You find a stain.

Dear God,
Come back now.
It is quite unfair to say you’ll never leave me,
And yet not let me feel You.
You know my love language
Please speak it to me at all times.

Dear God,
It is in these trying moments of my life that I need you.
I’ve searched everywhere and there’s no love like yours,
My heart yearns for you,
My spirit is thirsty for you, dear God.

My world is crumbling down and I need You to hold it up for me,
Because I am too weak to do it myself.
I may have hit beneath rock bottom
But I’m fine knowing that I’m hiding under the shadow of the rock of ages.


At this point my palms are sweaty,
Held together in a firm grip.
There’s a lump in my throat
I think I’m going to cry,
But then, I burst into uncontrollable laughter
With tears streaming down my face.
It wasn’t tears of joy
But tears of mixed feelings
Not knowing whether He heard me or not.

Akuvi Aguedze


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