Dear Dullard

Dear Dullard,

Am calling you a dullard because you believe you’re a dullard, so take no offense.

The picture of the future seems blur to you because you count yourself as a dullard, but let me ask you a question. What makes you think you are a dullard? What makes you regard yourself as a dullard?. Is it because of your poor performances in previous examinations, or your inability to read and understand. Is that the reason?.

Remember dear dullard, Ben Carson also once regard himself as a dullard, but until his mindset changed before he could bring the best out of himself, and today, Ben Carson had made a lasting impression in the medical field. So what makes you different?.

It is what you believe in that depicts who you are! Your mindset guides your performances. No one is a dullard! And everyone is a dullard. You’re surprised? Yes, everyone is a dullard, but it depends on the way you approach and develop yourself to bring yourself out of the realm of dullards.

I charge you today dear dullard, change your mindset and mentality about yourself to bring the best out of you! You can also make it just the way Ben Carson did! You can create it more than Bill Gates did, You can be better than Aliko Dangote… You can achieve it more than I did (cause I was also once called a dullard)!

Just change your mindset and pursue your dreams. You’d make it! See you at Greater heights.

Yes you Can!


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