The former governor of Plateau State, Senator Joshua Dariye was imprisoned for 14 years by a Federal High Court seating in Abuja for criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of over 1.16bn belonging to the state during his tenure as governor of the state from 1999-2007.

The current senator joined the ruling All Progressive Congress party on September 22, 2016 after he had won on the platform of People Democratic Party in 2015. He followed the footsteps of other defectors whose sin against the country were pardoned once they drop umbrella for broom. Senator Dariye saga actually proved historic on Tuesday when he bagged 14 years jail term as a member of the ruling party that tasted the wrath of anti-graft war.

APC is known for turning shielding looters of state treasury from the law. Many people that joined the people did so because their sin will be pardoned. But why is Dariye’s case different? Dariye’s case has been in court immediately he left office in 2007 when EFCC raised a 23 count charges against him. The case has been in and out of court since over 11 years. Justice Adebola Banjoko put an end to the case when she convicted the ex-governor on 15 out of the 23 counts preferred against in a judgement that took her six and half hours to read.

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This development would raise questions in patriotic Nigerians on why the case of Babachir Lawal and Abdulrasheed Maina did not go the same way as Dariye’s? Maybe there is no value in Dariye again and he was made the slaughter cow to score political point before 2019. MaybeMaybe/Maybe not.

May God Bless Nigeria


  1. Whyke Anthology says

    Thank you for reading Mr Komolafe.

  2. komolafe holamide says

    This is unarguably a veracious writeup. I have also been thrown in a state of bewilderment in knowing the motive that propelled the current administration towards convicting one of their political affiliate. I have noticed that in recent times, there have been series of drastic prosecutions of looters which was never realistic during the first three years spell of the adm… It is now glaring that all are efforts towards enhancing the popularity of the incumbent before 2019 election.
    Thanks for the writeup sir…. More wisdom

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