Could Conferring A Chieftaincy Title On President Buhari Be A Propaganda Or What?


Few months ago, there was a serious hullabaloo in the country particularly in the south-eastern part of Nigeria.

The South-east Nigeria, made up of people from the Igbo ethnic group were against Nigeria and their plan was to form the Independent Nation of Biafra with their leader as Nnamdi Kanu. But, It’s quite surprising that few days ago, our beloved President (President Muhammadu Buhari) who obviously isn’t part of that region was  conferred with the title of Ochi Oha Ndigbo (leader of all) of Igbo Land by the same Southeast traditional rulers and also the Enyioma1 (good friend) of Ebonyi, by the state’s traditional rulers council.

Could this be a propaganda? Or should we see it as love and unity about to be established in the nation?. This got me thinking, where is the hatred or division coming from? When it is obvious that those at the top seem to worry less about the travails the middle and lower class go through especially on their (people at the top) matter.

The number one citizen in Nigeria has been titled in Igbo Land, the same people fighting for their freedom and simultaneously for the establishment of IPOB; should we now continue being at logger heads or be in peace?

I leave you to answer these questions dear Nigerians as we watch this film unfold.


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