Catastrophic Premonitions – Poem By Jay Njirimanh.

Catastrophic Premonitions – Poem By Jay Njirimanh.

My mind jerks back to days;
When religion conflict was unknown;
Days when prayers and supplication took
Place on untrodden mountains
That slumbered on the belly
Of curses and bad omen;
Days when religion’s superiority was archaic
With clans coexisting in traditional
Ethical grounds and trade.

But all that is buried in time
We the instagram generation
Coexist in trends that define personalities,
Social classes that Stereotype us – plastic curves, breasts,
Bleaching our skin and
Inducing steroids in our bodies to look attractive and
Fit in this catastrophic time
That push us to cliff edge of death.

Our vision with mist, clogs
To parameters we can’t
Decipher. Naked lies we take
Them for yes and amen –
We suffer from ostrich syndrome,
Thinking we are enlightened, but Hell no!
We are stuck in ignorance matrix —
The ocean and river streams are
Water bodies with different spectrums
That cannot be compared or contrasted.

Trends will come and go
Religion superiority will rise and fall
But none of us can be greater than the higher force
That keeps us going.

Jay Chronicles Njirimanh.

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