Boys Are Not Stones – Poem By Jay Njirimanh


In the ashes of yesterday
I stare at the vile image of my elongated shadow
Sidetracking me to vivid embers of the putrid site.
I was pushed to the periphery
With spontaneous heavy crescendo blows,
undressed and enthralled to bend over.

I wished the rain-bore colors of tranquility.
I wished the wind could whisper rebuking
symphony to consign evil to oblivion.
I wished the azure sky could pelt down pure
Droplets to cleanse my defiled body.
I wished the molestation could
Consummate into a haven of redemption,
As blood throbbed on the floor, my heart was shredded into pieces.

Reported the atrocity, only to realize
Laws constituted in the constitution
Construe to compensate time delayed contention,
Judgement overruled
Filed cases misplaced to subjugate pain incurred,
As I put on a facade face to enshroud the painful world,
Painful open wounds bleed profusely.

For the boy’s pain isn’t meant to
Lengthen cords of sympathy
Rather to strengthen the repressed
Boys living within cells of somatic empathy,
For boys are not stones
For the society to sideline to lone walls.

©®Jay Chronicles 2018.


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