Boko Haram Attacks; BOKO HARAM IS BACK!


Boko Haram is back! Having experienced loads of recent boko haram attacks on troops, kidnapping hundreds of girls that just reached puberty and sacking communities, with their Fulani herdsmen brothers are also on top of the situation in most states, it can thus be proven that they are back!

The APC promised that they will look into El Rufai Committee recommendations and take a stand on it by mid February. The first term of APC is almost over, still nothing yet!

Corruption is on the increase according to Transparency International and oil price is going down.

Buhari, the is still president though and APC, the party for change, is still the ruling party.

Make i kuku say that Ekpere Maka Nigeria No Na Nsogbu prayer before I sleep.


Boko Haram Attacks; BOKO HARAM IS BACK!
Boko Haram Attacks; BOKO HARAM IS BACK!

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