Beyond The Rails - Poem by Bill Ivans

Poem: Bill Ivans – Beyond The Rails

Beyond The Rails – Poem by Bill Ivans;

We are dead!
We lived, so long ago
that we inherited fields where glory dwelled.
But now we lie. We lie as victims of perpetual sluggishness.

And here you stand, Alive!
Where someone else stood before,
And someone will
When your mummy meets our corpse.

We were the brave, mighty, and valiant in battle!
Fighting unflinchingly, breaking loose every shackle.
We were the strong invincible knights who lived in castles,
But now here we lie, in abandoned tombs of ants and beetles!

We were the heroes; the ones of whom legends are told!
We are the dead, the honoraries on whose heads laurels danced,
But now, here we reside with our feet still,
And our great muscles can’t lift the shields our fingers bore!

We are the ones, the vigorous rearguards!
The daring soldiers on whom immortality imposed a level crossing,
And pushed us for a quantum leap beyond the rails.

Now, here we lie, starring at our dark eyes, we can’t go back,
For we’ve lived, so long, so so long ago!

Bill Ivans

Beyond The Rails - Poem by Bill Ivans
Beyond The Rails – Poem by Bill Ivans

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