My feet felt cold As I thought of where I was sold. I saw blood glowing, I heard the women growling. ··· The streets are silent, Death poll in it’s highest. The days are getting darker, Our hope is getting slimmer. ··· Our heritage is gone, We’ve being exposed toContinue Reading

Love tastes sour and bitter,Full of chaos and aporia,Tears flows down my cheeks like showers. ···My heart raced in fear of the sacred, Sought after in silence and disguise.Memories brings tears and sadnessThat weakens my strength. ···It glitters in pink,Which makes my heart sink.Curved in a pursed grin,The picture madeContinue Reading

···Jesus, The burdens of my heart you lifted,Obstacles on my way you shifted.My ugly past you erased,My sinful self you embraced. ···Jesus,You’ve averted fear and grief,Promising to stand by me, to never leave.With your dripping blood you saved me,By your stripes you healed me. ···Jesus,Am unworthy of your grace,Unworthy toContinue Reading

The love of my life is destroyed, My origin has been defaulted. Yet, I cry all day long, Hoping for resuscitation. ··· My head is bruised My source is ruining. Nigeria where art thou glory! I cry out in agony. I am Emmanuel. ©2017  

Dear Countryman, I pen you out in shame and distress, What our leaders has lead us into.•••The country is ruined, The city’s Empty. Sounds of tribulations From all and sundry. •••Dear countryman, Our heroes are dead! The heroines silenced. Obatala seems to be asleep, Ifa has being defiled! •••Our hope isContinue Reading

Dear Countryman, have written to you it’s being ages, but I think it’s deem fit for so now, because our country is upside down and our leaders are funny they seem to be a clown. Life here is so funny, but the pain is so much everybody can feel it.Continue Reading

Drops of tears flow down my cheek,As I thought of tomorrow. ••• How’s my tomorrow going to be?As my today?Or my yesterday. ••• Lost in the wildernessOf uncultured thoughts,Tribulations and trials,Life seems bitter.Life seems cruel and wicked! ••• The sight of the future seems blur and unexciting,Of what use?Yet, deathContinue Reading

I wish to be wealthy ,I wish to be influential.I wish to be known all around the world,I wish to be applauded.•••I wish to be stood for when my name is called,I wish to make impact.I wish to be successful,I wish to be recognized as a symbol of excellence.•••I wishContinue Reading

Dear Dullard, Am calling you a dullard because you believe you’re a dullard, so take no offense. The picture of the future seems blur to you because you count yourself as a dullard, but let me ask you a question. What makes you think you are a dullard? What makesContinue Reading

I should have suspected, but I didn’t. I thought I was loved, But reverse was the case.Pure discrimination,Unjust judgements,But I believe life still continues.Troubles awaits the future, I know, but only the strugglers, the hustlers and the patient would overcome.The persevering spirit owns the glory, quitters don’t win. So, onContinue Reading

The youthful exorbitant flooded my eye and alas! My trademark is being erased. I thought I was being youthful never realising I wasn’t useful. The hope of the future was almost crushed due to my present and near past mistakes and occurrences. My first assignment was neglected, bypassing my trueContinue Reading

Believe in yourself.When the world’s against you and the road seems crashing.When hope seems to be lost and you feel tired. Pickup yourself and continue! Remember winners don’t Quit. Continue… Yes You Can! WRITTEN BY; SANUSI EMMANUEL

When the friction of life is greatly reducing your speed. Quitting is not the best option, rather you step on the pedals and increase your acceleration! Don’t be a COWARD to the problems of life!!! See you at the top. Yes you Can! WRITTEN BY; SANUSI EMMANUEL

The impossible can only be achieved when you accelerate your trials. Never relent on your pursuit for the impossible but put more meaningful effort to achieve your goal. Remember, it only seems impossible to the world, but to you, a world of unending possibilities. Shock the world! Split the impossibleContinue Reading

Seventy years ago he was born…The world was happy! Yes they were… 😁🙌🙌•Sixty years ago, he started school! .. The journey started. The race to be rich. 😃😃👶•Fifty years ago he graduated…His family was proud of him! 👍👌🎓•…and then>>>His Father died😞…so also his Mother. 😧😢😢…He became an orphan.He started strugglingContinue Reading