If you are a Nigerian, especially a young man or woman under 30 years of age and you are unemployed or underemployed, try to learn a trade or enrol in an IT professional program.

Start learning how to roof a house, design POP, become a welder or enrol in some professional computer training.

Learn something that someone in Uzbekistan, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia or any part of the world can look out  for you and pay you well to come render your services.

Make a long term projection. Getting a keke to ride and make 10k per day is good but you should not take that as your full time occupation. Ride the keke in the morning and go for your training in the evening.

If you are a young Nigerian poet, writer, law graduate, science ,arts or social science graduate, etc, don’t just be contented in bearing such fancy appellation. Go and get a craft…a handcraft or IT craft that most of the world need. You don’t need to speak lengthy English to render such service. That kind of  service you can render to a Chinese, Russian or Arab who doesn’t speak English.

If your ambition is to become a personal/special assistant to a public office holder or join the public service in Nigeria and live on government handouts, consider it that you are putting a noose round your neck.

I don’t know how else to say this!!

I wish you luck and pray that those who are  temporarily benefiting from Nigeria as it is structured would see the handwriting on the wall and push for a political restructuring.


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