Poem: I Am Emmanuel – Angela

Let’s this poem begin on the tongue of a patient dog –
Nostalgic; shades of memories, thoughtful…
Let us swirl freely to these tunes
Only we both can hear.

I used to be wise until I became star-struck.
You were the star reflecting my dumbness to the world.
Each night I became friends with the sky,
Wanting to see you via the millions up there,
But the blankness I find reminds me how far away you were;
Taunting me to flee from this space
Just to become one with you.

You taunted me.
And now there was I beside your grave
Wearing the color of the night to conceal my identity.
A dagger, a torch, and a spade I held,
Smiling sheepishly as I felt how close we were becoming.

And just with a stab, I got hold of your heart again.
And with just another, I couldn’t feel myself anymore.
I saw blood; I saw myself running out of me.
It hurts, but I smiled.
And with your heart placed over mine – the closest we could be,
The ground welcomed me beside you.

Maybe that was just the best way to leave.
I mean, leaving multitudes just but to join a few –
You, your body, soul, and you.
Maybe that was just the best I could come up with,
But still, what matters; you’re mine now, and forever.

I Am Emmanuel

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