Only few days ago, Ghanians folks had been bothered with fathoming why the president had ordered the arrest of Kwesi Nyantakyi, a close pal who happens to be the president of the Ghana Football Association. Nyantakyi who has been president for about 13 years, have been caught on camera in a seemingly compromised position. That the President(Akuffo Addo) had been mentioned in the video coupled with a reputation to protect, explains why the number one man had to take things personal.

This recent development is one of Aremeyew’s twelve undercover for the past two years which he intends to make public come the 6th of June. What to do while one waits for this seemingly short but long period of time?, is one question that explains the suspense and wanting to see the full movie…, rather than this thriller which has birthed a lot of speculations over time.

According to some reliable reports, the GFA boss was heard telling some investors that all they needed to do to get a contract was to, pay $8 million dollars to the president, settle him(Nyantakyi) alongside the vice president, as well as send some gifts to the Chief of Staff who will remind the president of the need to award them the contracts. Also reports has it that Kwesi Nyantakyi in a manner of speaking, had told the investors that “he had the president in his pocket…”. Needless to say these are strong allegations, it has also attracted a lot of twist.

Napoleon Bonaparte had at a time made it clear that “…in politics, stupidity is not an handicap”. An exemplary argument for this controversial statement is the stance upheld by the former deputy minister of information. He posits that what the GFA boss did, was to show the investors a business skill of getting contracts. In his words, “…$5millions here, $3 millions there and a little something for the one who will remind the forgetful one and you are in business”. This one of the so many twists earlier talked about. Very funny, but certainly not a joke for the President Akuffo to hear.

Another interesting twist to the development came from Kweku Baako who is a journalist, friend and partner of Aremeyew Anas. He didn’t like the idea of the president going public after being privy to see the part of the documentary that concerned him. Baako thinks the President Akuffo wasn’t confidential enough, for the public announcement was done on the blind side of vital stakeholders( Anas Tiger Eye PI team and the BBC).
And so the big question is; If things were meant to be confidential till the day of public release, why was a fractional part of the over two hours video or documentary shown to the president?.

These are interesting times in the country, as talks about Anas Aremeyew’s exposé must continue. In the words of John Lenon, “reality leaves a lot to the imagination”. Until the full documentary goes public, imaginations continue to form alot of reality.



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