Poem: Akinbola (K)Hadijat – Agony Of A Deserted Lover (2)


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You decayed with the supper I had
When I awaited your presence to dice what mattered.
The distance became longer
When we kept mute over those little things.

I am not hurt.
Not any longer.
It faded as it lingered, what I felt for you.

You died twice in my head:
When I burnt the letters you sent ages you had a heart
And kept the ashes under my pillow each night
Hoping to see you beg for space in my heart
So I’ll tell you grinning and quietly that you’ve always had it,
In my dream at least.
But you never came, then you died.

I taught the last supper would usher in a new dawn
And renewal of vows and promises
But you were away sharpening the knife you’d finally stab me with.
I didn’t die, you died!
That last time your breath ceased!!
Secondly and seconded.

I’m not pained,
But please don’t resurrect.


Read Agony Of A Deserted Lover(1) HERE

Agony Of A Deserted Lover by (K)hadijat Akinbola


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