Whyke Anthology is home of African voices; burning thoughts into ashes drawn up on pages, stages and behind the camera.

We preach our gospel using all genres of literature ranging from poetry to prose not leaving behind plays and essays.

The appalling increase in the disbelief in the capability of the Black race, especially one from the African continent led to the birth of this home of African voices -Whyke Anthology – where we are dedicated to painting ourselves (Africa) on pages (e-pages and in prints), stages and behind the camera to be colorful than black.

Everyone is our audience, cutting across all walks of life where Africans have and would reach in the nearest future. A profession is no barrier amidst the audience we aim at reaching, educated or uneducated. Whyke is for all. We aim to bring literature into the nooks and crannies of Africa and even beyond.

We are also established to birth agile and resilient voices who share or are willing to share our dream with us with the aim of achieving this targeted successes success; we are keen on having African Poets, Prosaists, Novelists, Essayists and Playwrights comfortably resting at the crest of success while simultaneously impacting lives cum preaching Africanism, Blackism & the art of Negritude.

We aim to shake grounds, like notable industries across Africa- the Music Industry for example- thus we are serving as the foundation to a strong family that holds African Literature together (or better still the Literature Industry).

To propagate and effectively cater for further, the spirit and act of Africanism, Negritude & Blackism, using the genres of literature while simultaneously entertaining the world with poetry, prose, and drama.”

“In the next 10 years, to become the center that holds cultural vibrations across Africa and simultaneously becoming the lead promoter of sages across all genres of literature.”

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Whyke Anthology…home of African Voices


Whyke Anthology
Whyke Anthology