To paraphrase the words of  erudite scholar Aristotle, “…government came into existence for the state and continues in existence for the good of the state”. War in peace times certainly calls for so much worry, exemplifying the current state of Ghana who is 61 years old today.

Insurgence, terrorist attacks is one problem that shamefully seems unlikely for local security to provide a panacea for in Africa. But to say that the activities of armed robbers is  seemingly now causing Ghanaians sleepless night is nothing short of describing an inept government and security system. Over 200 robbery cases have been recorded since the inception of the new year in the country.

Few weeks ago, the CPI(Corruption Perception Index) placed Ghana at number 81 on the list of corrupt countries with the country dropping 11 positions from previous number 70 spot. Is anyone surprised that the AKUFO Adminstration says the current ranking is the product of the ills of previous government amidst it slows response in apprehending perceived corrupt persons in  his government, not also forgetting appointment of cousins into public office. Two days ago the president( AKUFO ADDO) had to cut short his 10 day visit to the US, Togo and Germany after aggrieved Ghanaians took to the social medias in criticizing the act of the president being away while the country is being terrorised by armed robbers.

Constitutionally, Mahamudu Bawumia is the chairman of the Ghanian police council…, that Ghanaians wouldn’t eventually give credence to the words of Murtala Mohammed when he said “…violence and armed robbery didn’t start under AKUFO Addo; but this administration perfected armed-robbery” means the vice
president and the IGP must up its game against this foolish societal element (robbery gangs) or he (Asante – Appears) resigns.

A happy Independence day I must say to Ghanaians…, but how independent can one be at this time of great insecurity? remains a conundrum at this epoch of war in peace times…


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