Priceless Price – Poem By Solomon Temitope The price for our victoryShall be an impresa in history.Though very expensive, still, we toil to achieve. This land is richBut desecrated by men –The debris is beyond our reach;A profit to the businessmen. Forest turned desertWith no oasis in view, Hunger hasContinue Reading

The Third Force 2 - Poem By Solomon Temitope

After PACT wore the veils of failure – I mean Presidential Aspirants Coming Together, It became evident that interest aggregation is the most difficult task in human society. God is aware of the potentials in human cohesion, little wonder the reason he took the historic decision at the Tower ofContinue Reading

Here comes the gallant troop of the third force Making a boisterous call for the mantle, Disregarding the stratifications with their file. Here comes the gallant troop of the third force Having an abundance of tools yet lacking the personnel, Thus looking up to the people for help. But theseContinue Reading

His hands, tied With legs let loosed. See; he can, but still can’t – A man named nameless. His sonorous voice turns unsoothing, Deafening the gods towards him. Men gulp his tears like beer, Twerking endlessly to the sound of his wailing. You’re Reading: Melancholia – Poem By Solomon TemitopeContinue Reading


Angela,Let’s this poem begin on the tongue of a patient dog –Nostalgic; shades of memories, thoughtful… Let us swirl freely to these tunesOnly we both can hear. I used to be wise until I became star-struck. You were the star reflecting my dumbness to the world.Each night I became friendsContinue Reading

Welcome to the final round of league Day 10. League Of Wordsmiths is an initiative of Whyke Anthology which began last year. Serving as a means of promoting poetry, story writing…and art as a whole, across Africa, whilst also serving as an aid for young, budding, aspiring…writers in the AfricanContinue Reading

When will it end? We are at a dead end Where our journey defiles amendment. Trends pierce our veil daily – It’s become soaked in bloods of; Souls denied of food; Bodies who lay on naked beds. When will it end? I hear shouts of innocent blood Seeking “Justice!” SoulsContinue Reading

Arise oh Compatriot! Nigeria is passing through sorrowful times. Past weeks have been too challenging for Nigerians both home and abroad. From the wake of world cup’s elimination to the emergence of a dark Lagos – we’ve passed through a lot. I know there are many people like me thatContinue Reading

This article contains Whyke Voices – writers that have being signed into the label. Under no circumstance should their works be plagiarized. Granted Permission to use their respective works for advantageous purposes could be gotten through a forwarded mail to SAY NO TO PLAGIARISM!!! Whyke Voices • SANUSI EMMANUELContinue Reading