Whyke Anthology: Good evening…

Poet Mirabel: Good evening.

Whyke Anthology: I’m a correspondent from Whyke Anthology. Please can you introduce yourself ma?

Poet Mirabel: Okay. I’m Aderemi Yetunde  Victoria. A 200 level student in the department of Art and social studies, Obafemi Awolowo University.

Whyke Anthology: Okay Ma. So what exactly would you say Ma, about the Just Concluded Poetry Contest Organized by Us.

Poet Mirabel: It was nice and I will really love to see more of it… I’m impressed.

Whyke Anthology: Thanks ma. Please Can you highlight some aspects where you think we should work on.

Poet Mirabel: Nothing really much except for the timing and publicity.

Whyke Anthology: Please ma feel free to express your mind, Because this is our first time hosting such contest so we can’t be possibly 100% perfect and moreso, we’ll love to know our mistakes.

Poet Mirabel: I think you guys should work more on your publicity.

Whyke Anthology: Sighs*…Okay ma. What do have to say about the winner of the contest, Or do you think their is someone better to have won the contest?

Poet Mirabel: The winner was rightly chosen.

Whyke Anthology: Also ma what do you love particularly about the contest?

Poet Mirabel: What I love about the contest in particular is that it serves as a platform for poets to showcase their talent. It serves as a mouthpiece.

Whyke Anthology: So in your view ma, the contest was good apart from the problem of publicity?

Poet Mirabel: Yes.

Whyke Anthology: Thanks ma… Can we discuss about your poetry life?

Poet Mirabel: There have been a lot but I thank God I was able to overcome it all.

Whyke Anthology: Can you tell us how you exactly started writing poems?

Poet Mirabel: It all started out of boredom… Yeah, Boredom.

Whyke Anthology: Oh!… How long have you been writing poems?

Poet Mirabel: Close to two years.

Whyke Anthology: What about the challenges you faced, can you share them with us Ma?

Poet Mirabel: Am sorry, I can’t.

Whyke Anthology: Fine. Do you think contests could help more in Promoting poetry in Africa?

Poet Mirabel: Yes, it does a lot.

Whyke Anthology: But looking at poetry of the present in Africa it’s not has good has past days  poetry, Or am i wrong?

Poet Mirabel: Yeah, they look down on poetry. Anyway, what is at hand that can be done is knowing how to project the image of poetry.

Whyke Anthology: Meaning more contest should be organized for poets?

Poet Mirabel: Yes.

Whyke Anthology: To wrap up this session Ma, Do you have any advice for Whyke anthology?

Poet Mirabel: I think there should be more collaboration with international bodies.

Whyke Anthology: Thanks for your time ma.

Poet Mirabel: Thanks to you too for having me.


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