With the latest controversy about young writers of love poems being regarded as lazy poets, Whyke Anthology engages Poet Ijir in a 60 minutes interview session to hear his views about this topic of controversy. Enjoy!

Whyke Anthology: Good afternoon.

Poet Ijir: Afternoon.

Whyke Anthology: Am olawale by name a correspondent of Whyke Anthology.

Poet Ijir: Okay.

Whyke Anthology: What your name sir?

Poet Ijir: Martin Senenge Ijir

Whyke Anthology: How long have you been writing poem?

Poet Ijir: Two decades.

Whyke Anthology: Oh that’s quite a long time!

Poet Ijir: Yeah

Whyke Anthology: What aspect of poem are you good at sir? And please share with us how started writing poems.

Poet Ijir: Of course. My dad ask us to read and memorized the bible I get acquitted to it that’s how I started.

Whyke Anthology: Can you also tell us the meaning of poem in your own view sir?

Poet Ijir: Poem is an energy flowing on the universe with abundance of love, unity and  peace. Its tentacles brings unending life to mortals.

Whyke Anthology: Oh! Your view is really a nice on.

Poet Ijir: Thank you.

Whyke Anthology: What do you think about the future of Africa poems?

Poet Ijir: From purview it shall surpass previous generations, in that, we are budding younger ones to keep the muse on.

Whyke Anthology: But we the look of things now Africans do not really appreciate poems , so i think the future of poet is not really bright in Africa.

Poet Ijir: It is because a prophet is not honoured in his hometown, But when he is honoured elsewhere, they reverend him. With this Africa poet has a bright future.

Whyke Anthology: But, African poets this days are not really working like the past poets we have in Africa, because, It is hard to find a poet now that fights against the government with his or her poem.

Poet Ijir: It is true because everyone has his own calling …As for me I wrestle with everyone.

Whyke Anthology: That’s true anyway. Sir, Poets that are based on writing love poems are weak poet, they are afraid of using their poems against the corrupt leaders  do you agree with me sir?

Poet Ijir: No! There is no weak poet my friend… It is the nature and style they choose… Because penning down words is a matter of choice and destiny.

Whyke Anthology: Okay. Sir can you tell us the biggest achievement any of your poem has brought you.

Poet Ijir: Yes mine where we are? Brought me Poet of the Poets award 2017/2018 from National Human Rights and Social Justice Commission (NHRSJC) New Delhi India and dear peace brought me recently World Icon of Peace award from World Institute of Peace, Osun Nigeria respectively.

Whyke Anthology: What advice do you have for the young poets.

Poet Ijir: They should face the light and write what they see in light, for In this do liberation comes to mere Mortals. For their words is so powerful it can brings the sun aground.

Whyke Anthology: What are the challenges you face while coming up as a poet.

Poet Ijir: I make my challenges my friend so I have many challenges especially never satisfied with what I have written…I often destroy them, leave them behind…these were my toddler days as I am not impressed by them …they are my unfinished business so I take them as my challenges.

Whyke Anthology But what gives you the power to continue writing?

Poet Ijir: I remain focus …and it works!

Whyke Anthology: Do u face any criticism while writing?

Poet Ijir: Yes those are my faults for critics forget about the beauty of a work therefore they find faults so I leave some faults for them to find in other to have lines for discuss…but at night I correct my left faults…they are my faults.

Whyke Anthology Apart from writing poem what other writing are u good at.

Poet Ijir: Prose and drama.

Whyke Anthology: Do you think writing of prose and drama is a tedious work?

Poet Ijir: Depends on mindset of the writer.

Whyke Anthology Okay sir, but Can you explain that?

Poet Ijir: What I mean is the message the writer wants to pass, how he intend passing it, in here comes his characters, environment influencing his style on and on… some times time really matters but all genre requires time of ones mindset to work… if you say it is tedious, then it is, that’s how it goes.

Whyke Anthology: Okay. Can you give all poet facing different challenges some advice before we come to a close.

Poet Ijir: They should raise their quill to the sky and stare at it in full meditation, in this, the answer to their challenges come.

Whyke Anthology: Oh thanks.

Poet Ijir: Many thanks.

Whyke Anthology: We really appreciate the time you spare for us to have this chat with you.

Poet Ijir: My regards Olawale.

Whyke Anthology: On behalf of Whyke Anthology I say thank you.

Poet Ijir: Many thanks. ..my pleasure.



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