60 Minutes With Oyekunle Ifeoluwa Peter. Winner, League Of Wordsmiths 2017.


Exclusive Interview With Oyekunle Ifeoluwa

Whyke Anthology: Can we meet you?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: Oyekunle Ifeoluwa Peter is a Nigerian poet and spoken word artiste. He does justice to his poems by spicing them with deep imageries that open doors to valleys of thoughts. He writes on diverse themes as the muse leads and refuses to beimageries his own thoughts. His works have been featured on literary blogs which include inkspired.ng, myaceworld.net, thebleedingpen.com amongst others and in several anthologies. He made the shortlist of the top 15 poets for PIN Annual Food Poetry Prize (PFPC) 2018, shorlist of top 10 student poets in Nigeria for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize 2018. He was the winner of LEAGUE OF WORDSMITHS (2017), a poetry competition organized by Whyke Anthology. He was also the the winner of Youth shades Poetry competition, (August 2017). He is a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Technology, Akure and a passionate lover of poetry.

Whyke Anthology: How did you hear about the competition?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: I was browsing through my Facebook page when I read the post about the competition.

Whyke Anthology: What strived you to participate in this competition?

Ifeoluwa Peter: One thing I’ve always believed is: “sometimes we win, sometimes, we learn.” It was the desire to learn and grow in the art which I know would come as a result of the constructive criticisms from readers that made me put in for the contest. I’m glad I did.

Winner League Of Wordsmiths 2017
Oyekunle Ifeoluwa

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Whyke Anthology: What were your expectations regarding the competition?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: I expected the competition to be conducted fairly and I expected personal growth. I wasn’t disappointed.

Whyke Anthology: Did we satisfy any of your expectation?

Ifeoluwa Pete: Yes, my expectations were satisfied.

Whyke Anthology: At what stage of the competition were you most tensed?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: I really didn’t feel anxious during the competition. I considered it a means to grow even if I didn’t emerge as the winner. In every possible way, I tried to maintain my cool.

Whyke Anthology: What was your greatest weapon which led to you being the winner?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: My greatest weapon was belief. I believed in myself and this gave me confidence when writing the poems for each stage. I also ensured that I understood each theme before writing. Understanding the theme is a key determinant in writing a winning piece.

Whyke Anthology: How did you feel being the winner of last year’s competition?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: The competition was strength draining, I must confess. Emerging the winner actually solidified my belief that “if you can dream it, you can achieve it.” Of a fact, I felt elated.

Winner League Of Wordsmiths 2017
Oyekunle Ifeoluwa

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Whyke Anthology: So what would you like to tell the new contestants for this upcoming competition?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: To every contestant out there, always believe in yourself, understand the theme before writing, don’t let the fear of losing cloud your sense of reasoning. I’ll reiterate this, “sometimes we win, sometimes, we learn.”

Whyke Anthology: What do you have to say to Whyke Anthology?

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa: I’m most grateful to Whyke Anthology for giving poets like me a medium for our voices to be heard. May the wings on which Whyke Anthology soars never wither. I say thank you.

Whyke Anthology: Thank You For Responding To Our Call.

Oyekunle Ifeoluwa Peter: Thank You For Having Me.

League Of Wordsmiths 2018 winner
Oyekunle Ifeoluwa Peter

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