Jide Badmus was born and bred in Ilorin. He hails from Omido in Irepodun LGA, Kwara State. He is the first of four siblings. He is a practicing Electrical Engineer.

Jide has had a flair for creative writing as a child and started writing poetry in 2002. He has a wide range of collections on various themes and shares his short stories, critical opinions and poetry on his blog www.inkspiredng.wordpress.com

His debut book, a collection of poems titled: THERE IS A STORM IN MY HEAD was published in February 2017. He is inspired by nature and beauty.

Jide is married to a beautiful wife, Linda and has two adorable daughters, Nora &Nicole. He is a Christian and a soccer lover; he is a Manchester United fan.  He lives and writes from Lagos.

Whyke Anthology: Good afternoon sir…

Jide Badmus: Good afternoon

Whyke Anthology: I’m a correspondent from Whyke Anthology…

Jide Badmus: Ok. My name is Jide Badmus. I’m an engineer and poet. Husband, and father of two daughters.

Whyke Anthology: Beautiful sir! Please can you tell us the titles of the poems you’ve written?

Jide Badmus: I have written several poems, but If you mean books, I have one titled; THERE IS A STORM IN MY HEAD.

I also have poems on Paper Planes, INKtoxicated, Dry Tears, to mention but a few.

Whyke Anthology: Pls can you explain further in your own perspective, the Life of an author; the good, bad and the ugly aspects it entails?

Jide Badmus: The life of an author is an interesting one. Certain responsibilities fall on you automatically.

People look up to you for support; moral, financial and literary support. Then the weight of your book rests on you, the drive to improve and deliver better art.

Whyke Anthology: What are the challenges authors like you face during the publications of their poems?

Jide Badmus: Money, money, money…then the search for publishers.

Whyke Anthology: Okay sir. Can you briefly dissect one of your poems for our readers to learn from sir?

Jide Badmus: Ok. I have one titled “Infinite Lust”. It is a poem about money. The imagery employed is sensual – imagining money as a lady in short skirt.

The first two lines are:
“I would be an unrepentant flirt
If money is a lady in short skirt”

The poem as a whole just depicts how much we lust after money, as much as we do after sexual pleasures.

It can be found in page 74 of the book THERE’S A STORM IN MY HEAD.

Whyke Anthology: Wow! That’s really lovely and quite educative too… But Sir,  whenever you set out to write poems, what has been your source of inspiration?

Jide Badmus: Everything inspires me. The state of things around me, nature and the love of art.

I believe poetry is not only for education or motivation…it is also for entertainment. & also for therapy too.

Whyke Anthology: OK… What year did your journey into writing poetry begin sir? – The year you became a poet.

Jide Badmus: 2002.

Whyke Anthology: Okay. Sir, what word of motivation would you like to give to the youths and also to aspiring authors?

Jide Badmus‬: To the youths; let’s shun violence and drug abuse. Let’s channel our energies to being innovative and productive.

For upcoming writers and aspiring authors; keep building yourselves. Read, write and read more.

Whyke Anthology: Thanks for sir for granting us your audience. It’s really nice having you here.

Jide Badmus: I appreciate the opportunity to share with you. Kudos to Whyke Anthology for the efforts towards promoting poetry and creative arts as a whole.

Whyke Anthology: Thank you sir. Bye.


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