60 Minutes With Emike Oyemade (Author – “Odufa”)


Meet Emike Oyemade

Emike Oyemade is a creative storyteller and a former journalist who enjoys writing human interest stories. She is also a ‘lay-therapist’ for childhood survivors and victims of sexual abuse. She is a professional counselor on emotional and mental issues and has written other books on relationships, healing from various forms of abuse hurts and avoiding sexual abuse for teenagers. When not being a lay-therapist, she is ghostwriting or conducting research biographies, editing fiction and non-fiction works and training writers.

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Whyke Anthology: Good Day ma.

Emike Oyemade: Good Afternoon.

Whyke Anthology: Can our readers get to know you more?

Emike Oyemade: Fine. I am Emike Oyemade. A creative storyteller, a former journalist, & a professional counselor on emotional and mental issues

Whyke Anthology: For how long have you being a story writer?

Emike Oyemade: I have been writing stories for a very long time. My first novel was written and published in 2008.

Whyke Anthology: Beautiful!… However, what made you chose story writing amongst other aspects of literature? Why not drama or poetry?

Emike Oyemade: It’s the best way I’ve found out to express myself and the message I also want to pass across.

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Whyke Anthology: It is unarguably true that the writing space is one whose borders are expanding rapidly, however, what do you feel is wrong in the writing space which needs urgent attention?

Emike Oyemade: It’s quite simple! We need more creative writers who would address core societal issues through writing.

Whyke Anthology: How do you plan curbing this wrongs?

Emike Oyemade: This is exactly what I do through my novels. My latest novel ODUFA (Read Odufa Here) addresses the issues of sexual abuse, incest, depression and suicidal struggles especially amongst young people.

It also examines the vital role parents need to play in forming the whole of an individual from a child.

Whyke Anthology: When writing stories, what kinds of challenges is a writer Paramount to be faced with? Moreso, How can they be overcame?

Emike Oyemade: Focus. Stories tellers are always churning out stories. There are always scenes and events playing in the mind of the creative writer. It is important that the writer keep the focus of one story idea at a time.

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Whyke Anthology: That been said, what then are your personal challenges encountered in the writing space?

Emike Oyemade: Writing is natural to me. And as earlier mentioned, it is focusing on one story idea at a time. First things first.

Whyke Anthology: In addition ma, what are the things you feel the new generation of writers need to know about story writing?

Emike Oyemade: Read more. Research more. Don’t be comfortable with just what you know. New things happen every day. When you can weave everyday occurrence into your story you can educate readers on that issue as well as making that material an historic piece of what happened at the time of writing. Writers should be interested also in history. History woven into fiction can be an interesting read.

Whyke Anthology: Have you been published ma?

Emike Oyemade: Yes. I have 10 books in print on various issues. Two amongst these are novels. Others address major societal issues

Whyke Anthology: wow!!!… Finally ma, as a goodbye message, what advice would you offer to young story writers, your patriotic audiences & the society at large?

Emike Oyemade: In a nutshell, stay focus, work hard and keep writing.

Whyke Anthology: Thank you ma, for the audience granted unto us.

Emike Oyemade: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for having me too.

Whyke Anthology: The pleasure is ours. Bye for now.

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