DEBO ABAYOMEE is a Nigerian Poet and Spoken Words artiste. He’s also the brain box behind POETRY KULTURE whose origin can be traced down to Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U)

Whyke Anthology engages him in a 60 minutes interview where he shared his encounters in the world of poetry and his main view of the term ‘INSPIRATION’ in the world of literature…. Enjoy!

I actually do not have a particular area of specialization In writing. I write according to direction of my muse, be it from any area of life.


Whyke Anthology: Good day sir, i’m a correspondent from Whyke Anthology.

Poet Debo: Good evening sir/ma. How’re you doing?

Whyke Anthology: I’m fine sir. Please can you introduce yourself sir?

Poet Debo: My name is Debo Abayomee, writer/performance poet and creative director at Poetry Kulture.

Whyke Anthology: Thanks. When did you start writing?

Poet Debo: I started writing way back in my secondary school days, started with short stories …primary rhymes then.

Whyke Anthology: That’s cool.

Poet Debo: Thank you.

Whyke Anthology: What area of poetry you can say you’re specialized in?

Poet Debo: I actually do not have a particular area of specialization In writing. I write according to direction of my muse, be it from any area of life.

I actually do not have an area of specialty. I write as inspired. Picking from the reality of things around.

Whyke Anthology: What about if you aren’t inspired to write?

Poet Debo: Yeah

Whyke Anthology: Won’t you write?

Poet Debo: Something must have nudged me to write before I put my pen to paper. That is where the inspiration comes in.

Whyke Anthology: So what do you have to say about those that write without been inspired to do so?

Poet Debo: Relatively I dont believe in that.

Because before a writer writes, there must have been something that gives him/her the nugde to do so.
It may be experiences or exposure.

Whyke Anthology: But some writers do write because it is their work. I think having inspiration is not what comes always and this will affect their work.

Poet Debo: Well its seems my definition of inspiration is not in spiritum with yours.

Whyke Anthology: Then can your explain yours?

Poet Debo: Before you put your pen to paper as a writer, there would have been something; maybe what you see or experienced that’s gives the drive to write whatever thing you’ve written Or would write.

Whyke Anthology: Yes. But it’s also  possible for a writer to start writing by just bringing up a topic or issue.

Poet Debo: Yeah. That topic or issue is my definition of ‘inspiration’.

Whyke Anthology: Oh! Now understood.

What do you think is affecting writings in Africa because at present it seems not to progress well.

Poet Debo: We need to tell more of our stories.

And I must say it’s progressing anyways,  Rome is not built in a day. I believe poco a poco we are moving forward.

Whyke Anthology: Stories? Why?

Poet Debo: The richness of our culture and heritage.

Whyke Anthology: Do you think Africa’s writing now is better than the past?

Poet Debo: 😊the writers of the past had done so much with their crafts which made it almost impossible to outwit their art by contemporary writers…but with the ingenuity of creative contemporary writers, we are marching farther.

Whyke Anthology: So you can’t say writing is progressing when the past is better than now.

Poet Debo: Hmmmmm.

Whyke Anthology: So what do you think is really affecting Africa writing?

Poet Debo: How?

Whyke Anthology: In the global world of today, it can’t be compared to others…

Poet Debo: As I’ve stated earlier, African writing needs more of African content.

Whyke Anthology: That sounds stunning sir. Sir, can you share some challenges you faced while coming up as a writer

Poet Debo: Mentorship.

Whyke Anthology: And how do you overcome it sir?

Poet Debo: Read read and read. I learn my way through it.

Whyke Anthology: Oh! That’s cool.

Sir, we really appreciate the time you gave us without considering the unstable network. It’s really nice to having a chat with you.

Poet Debo
: Thank you very much. Although The network really spoilt the fun a bit. But anyway, its my pleasure.

Whyke Anthology: Bye.




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