Speaking in front of the crowd is really fun, pleasurable and interesting, but might be the other way round if not done with care and dexterity. Below are 10 ways to improve the way you address the crowd.

1) BE CALM: Whenever you find yourself speaking in front of anybody, hundreds, thousands and even up to millions, the first thing that would be a turn off to the audience is when you become restless. Be calm, and you’d see yourself pulling the whole crowd.

2) UNDERSTAND THE TOPIC: Before you mount the podium to make a speech on a topic, be sure that you understand the topic fully well, as the audience begins to lose interest in what you’re saying when they realise you know little about the topic of discussion.

3) READ MORE OFF HEAD THAN FROM THE BOOK: When giving any speech or talk, learn to memorise your points off head and only very important points jotted down should be taken along with you while mounting the podium, this is because, your audience would tend to build trust and confidence in you when they realise this.

4) THROW PUNCHLINES: Most people belittle this point, but it really matters to each and every audience, but, don’t be too humorous in your punchline neither too frank. This helps a lot to gain your audience attention.

5) BE AUDIBLE: Many a time I have seen public speakers talk with a very inaudible voice. This is a turn off! Because, you’re giving your audience an extra stress while listening to you. Be audible enough, but yet, don’t yell.

6) DON’T BE MONOTONOUS: Yes! This part is very important, don’t be boring, occasionally throw humor into the air during your speech. This, firstly, gives you time to catch your breadth and also gives your audience time to relax, but be careful with the jokes you say. Don’t be too offensive or expensive with your jokes and also don’t make jokes that are not relating to the topic you’re discussing.

7) MINIMIZE YOUR TIME: Don’t take too long during your speech, don’t dance around the main point, rather you hit the nail on the head as soon as possible. Fine, you can keep the suspense in the air, but don’t make it too long as your audience tend to lose interest when your speech is getting longer.

8) HAVE A GOOD COMMAND OF LANGUAGE: Irrespective of the language you’re using, make sure you have a good command of it. Don’t become a stammerer while delivering your speech, it is a turn off to your audience. Hence, learn to deliver your speech in the language you’re most comfortable with, but, make sure it is understandable to most of your audience.

9) DRESS PROPERLY: A popular adage says ” the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed” That’s it. Even before you speak, if you dress properly the audience would be drawn to you from the start. Learn to dress properly and also relating to the concept/theme of the program or event you’re to speak.

10) HAVE AN INFORMATION: No matter how good your speech might seem, if you’re passing no information, your speech becomes watery. Pass a good information that the audience would fully understand.

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